Two years ago I became very interested in the topic of sex and relationships. I was constantly surrounded by teenagers and adults struggling with their sexuality, identity in relationships, and sexual decisions.  I didn’t really know where to point them, because I didn’t know much about sex myself. So I decided to learn all I could. I told myself I’d bury myself in books, I’d email and call anyone that I could. I’d learn how to have the conversations about psychology, theology and all things revolving sexuality–– I’d do my best to become a “sex educator.”

But the more I read, the more anxious I became, because sex is a topic that somehow feels wrong, outdated or too personal to talk about.Although I still feel completely inadequate to tackle this conversation, I am confident conversations around sex and relationships need to happen. It cannot become an outdated topic we whisper about, or a topic that is assumed to be partnered with clarity because it rarely is. So as my personal knowledge grows around this topic, our frontline will take on the topic that is SEX and relationships.

No more dreading the sound of that ancient VHS TV cart rolling into your sex ed class. No more dreading the awkward sex talk with your parents - or lack thereof. Throw away the advice columns and quizzes in magazines. No more watching “50 Shades of Grey” and “Sex in the City” to see if you’ll finally learn what the deal is cause let’s be real, they never really explained what sex IS in this city.

Our frontline is for you. It’s here to encourage conversations. Conversations that bring clarity. Clarity that encourages identity. Identity that demands unity. So this is a place where women I look up to, and women I do life with, will share their stories. Some will be fun. Some will be tear worthy. Some will be about God, because after all it’s hard to talk about sexuality, without talking about how we were made, who created us, and who created SEX.

Let’s hear from real women, about real experiences, on all things “SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS”. I hope these stories help you. They’ve helped me.


  • Telling our stories through personal experiences

  • Ending the “taboo” of talking about sex and instead opening dialogue

  • Putting real value on sex and relationships


  • Claiming to be “sexperts”

  • Giving any sort of sexual how to’s or advice

  • Being politically correct (personal experiences are not politically correct)

  • Putting down anyone based on their sexual experiences/history and relationships

“I believe that sexuality isn't just about how intercourse works, but understanding sex through biology, psychologically, behaviors, identity, etc. I believe that men and women hold the same value and worth, and within healthy boundaries can obtain a beautiful and fulfilling view of sex and relationships. Frontline will be an open dialogue, that is shame free and judgment free, empowering people through personal stories and personal knowledge.”

Love, Raissa